Managing Messages

My suggestion to TT is to update the message/email section.
The resend & delete buttons are way to close together
Granted prior coordinators saved way too many emails but there should be an easier way to sort to the oldest emails, we should be able to select multiple emails at once to delete, and the list should not revert to the current emails when I am on the last (oldest) emails.
In addition, it would be helpful to have a download button to download individual emails or a group of selected emails.

I agree that resend and delete are too close. At least, add a second step ‘are you sure you want to delete?’ ‘are you sure you want to resend?’
I would also love to be able to edit before resending. For example, our treasurer sent out an email to the Troop letting them know that our Class B Store was open. I needed to resend it as a reminder leading up to the deadline. I wanted to a) edit for typos and b) highlight ‘just two days left!’ This is just one example of how/why editing would be a valuable function.