Managing Priveleges

I have an iPhone. When I go into the troop track app on my phone, and I go to privileges to be able to manage a member or add an event, nothing happens. So I am unable to click on and actually use any of the “manage” possibilities under privileges. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!

Hi @JanetSzpond,

I apologize, but I’m not understanding what you’re saying so well.

I’m not sure where a page called “privileges” is on the IOS App, nor do I know in any context how to use a privileges page to manage a member or add an event.

Will you please clarify? I’m sorry for not getting it. I’ll help in any way I can.

The TroopTrack iPhone App is a very limited sub-set of the features available via TroopTrack.

Pretty much no admin features are available.

You’ll have to use the iPhone to connect to in a browser.

Note that there are several features that are difficult us use with a mobile device, such as managing privileges, even if you use the “full” web site. In most cases, using a computer will yield a better experience.


OK, maybe I am just going about this wrong. How do I add a date/event to the calendar in the app?