iPhone / Android App

I was curious if there was ever going to be any development and improvements to make the TroopTrack app something that is more feature rich and user friendly. Currently today, I can’t recommend the app to any of my crew members because frankly it is not something that they would get value out of.

The biggest thing here that would take the app from “meh” to amazing is if it was possible to allow people to sign up and pay for trips that have a fee with them. Currently it does not allow you to do this. With the use of Android Pay and Apple Pay this could be incredibly easy. (I am an app developer myself).

Another item that would greatly help is if the calendar actually moved with the date. Currently it is built with a date range (Jan 2017-Mar 2017 for example). This means this keeps old events until the next date range is available which in turn creates A LOT of scrolling.

The last item that would be a great help is how the advancements are brought in. It is almost impossible to use the “Progress By Award” option because you get options that just say “1”. No description, no info, no nothing. However, the “Progress By Person” is a much better organization. If the app defaulted to this it would be much more useful.

Long story short, I think the app would be much better and would be a huge benefit to us the customers if it was tweaked and modified. As a leader, I have a very hard time getting my youth to actually go to the website. If a signup was a quick Apple or Android pay on the app it would make my life, and probably many other leaders lives, so much easier. I like the app, TroopTrack needs an app but right now it just isn’t hitting the mark. Please give it some much needed TLC.

Thanks for all you do!