MBC Report - Export to CSV

There is a report for MBCs but you can only export it into a PDF which makes sorting difficult. Can the report be revised to allow us to export to Excel (or a CSV)?

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Welcome to the community Richard. By MBCs do you mean Merit Badge Counselors for a Scouts BSA Troop? All of the Merit Badge reports I see are exportable as CSV.


Thanks for the reply. Yes, a Scouts BSA Troop. I don’t see where I can export a list of the merit badge counselors into a CSV file. I can export it to a PDF.

Ultimately, I’d like a report that can show ALL the merit badges and the associated merit badge counselors on one page that could be exported to a CSV file. Something that ends up looking like this. It shows who covers what merit badges
but also what merit badges are not covered.

Got it, we don’t use the Merit Badge Counselor tracking in TT so I hadn’t looked at the Manage, Members, Merit Badge Counselors page in a long time. I do see it is only available in PDF, I tried the other canned or custom Merit badge reports but those are more specific to the scouts not the Badge themselves so don’t list the counselor. I like the idea of any and all reports having the option to be exported as CSV or PDF just to add flexibility. We will need to see if others in the community find this useful to potentially have it be something that TT could implement. However they are a small company with only three on staff one of which is a developer so ideas can take time to implement even with great community support.