Exporting Reports

I"m trying to run the attendance report for the month and the export option for the report can you help. I have done it the same every month for our Charter for 8 months and now the option is GONE…HELP!

Hi @KatrinaCampbell,

What option is gone? I don’t believe we’ve removed any reports.

I was able to run a monthly report and export the report to a csv file. The export option is no longer at the top of the attendance report I’m running unless the way I’m supposed to run the report has changed

I don’t have the option to export to CSV either. And with summer coming up, attendance is going to be very important for calculating the Cub Scout National Summertime Pack Award.

Is this the page you’re talking about? This used to have a CSV option?

That’s the page I am referring to. Since I am a new user, I don’t know if it used to have a CSV option.

But with the Cub Scout National Summertime Pack Award, we need to be able to calculate whether we had at least 50% participation throughout the summer, and which boys participate in the summer events each month, so I will need to export data to Excel to run some filters to determine which boys earn the award, and whether the pack earns the 50% award.

I’ll ask if we can go ahead and either bring that back or add it.