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These functionalities would benefit our troop:

  • The ability for multiple people to be given permission to contribute to the newsletter.
  • The ability for the Coordinator to edit contributions and send the newsletter at her discretion.
  • The ability for the newsletter to have different sections: Upcoming Events w/RSVP links and sign-up sheet links, Troop news, Upcoming activities, Service News, etc…
  • The ability to have newsletters stored so past newsletters can be easily accessed.
  • The link for the latest newsletter to be accessed from each member’s dashboard.
  • When planning an event, having the option to schedule the event to be sent “in a newsletter the week of…” or “include in next newsletter”… The same options for sign up sheets as well…

These newsletter functions would allow us to streamline our communications within our troop. Between RSVPS, sign up sheets, emails and other communications, our members are receiving too many emails b/c everything has to be done separately. If I could just have everything go out in one weekly newsletter, it would be a huge blessing.


Hi @ChristyWestover1,

Thanks for using the TroopTrack community!

It sounds like you have some good ideas and some very specific needs. Before our developers can consider your ideas, we would like to see a little more support and development on this idea from the community. Have any other TroopTrack users you know add their support as a +1 or a comment about the idea and we will see what we can do.

Thanks for helping to make TroopTrack a better place! Have a great day!

This is along the same lines as this post:

All of these are GREAT ideas! We’d definitely love these!! These newsletter updates could definitely make this a phenomenal tool for troops!


I’d like to see a section that lists the library and/or equipment items a scout has checked out.


One more to add to @ChristyWestover1’s list (particularly the different sections, link to newsletter in the dashboard, newsletter storage archive) and @Bugeater87’s check out list :

The ability to sort announcements with the most recently added to be on top, moving oldest to the bottom. This would put the newest information at the top of the newsletter where it’s more noticeable. If parents are skimming their emails, they’re more likely to see newer items. As it stands now, it’s easy to think nothing has changed if you have several active announcements and don’t read all the way to the bottom.



Christy is right on. Her idea would definitely improve communications and make the newsletter look more professional.



I would also add that the side bar that shows events coming up in the next 7 or 30 days pulls in way too much information and makes the newsletter too confusing. It would be better to break it into 2 sections: One would be “RSVP Deadline Approaching” and the other section could be everything listed as “Upcoming Events” with just the date and name of the event in chronological order, with perhaps a link to RSVP for it/show their RSVP so they can quickly see what events they have said yes (:heavy_check_mark:), no (:x:) or not replied to yet (:pencil2:). Clicking on the icon would take them to the event details page to RSVP or change their reply.

Something like this:

RSVP Deadline Approaching
05/01 - Mother’s Day Tea :pencil2:
05/29 - Memorial Day Event :pencil2:

Upcoming Events
05/01 - Mother’s Day Tea :pencil2:
05/14 - Troop Meeting :heavy_check_mark:
05/21 - Summer Trip Meeting :x:
05/29 - Memorial Day Event :pencil2:
06/21 - Summer Trip :heavy_check_mark:
07/04 - July 4th Parade :x:


@karengottlieb Love this idea!!!


Great suggestions everyone. I love them all!


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