Newsletter question

@AaronStorey This is a dumb question and I KNOW I’m missing the answer. But the newsletter option is turned off for our troop. Where do I go to turn it back on? I can’t find it anywhere. Or if I set up a Newsletter to go out, does that automatically turn on the feature? We want to set it up to go out on Sundays, is that an option? I need a Newsletter for Dummies guide. :rofl: Another TC just showed me this feature, I’ve used TT for 8 years and NEVER even tried this. None of our other TC’s had an interest in it. Since I’m the TC this year, I’m all about time saving and simplifying! :upside_down_face:

These are the only things I can find. When I go to Newsletter Settings from here:

This is what I see:

Yes, if you select Send Weekly and then select Sunday it will enable the Newsletter. Once it is on then there is an option to turn it off.

Thank you!! I didn’t want to get wild and crazy and start pushing buttons before I had it set up the way we wanted it.

Here is a Guide.

EUKREA! I was looking for that! Told you I was missing it! :woman_facepalming:t3:

Thanks again!

One more quick question. WHO can edit/send details for the newsletter? Is it anyone? I can’t find a setting or privilege for it anywhere.


Newsletter editing is tied to Manage troop settings privilege.

Gotcha. So you can’t edit as an individual thing then. I don’t feel completely crazy for not finding it.


Nope its not seperate, I had to play around with the permissions on a test account to figure out where it was, took me a couple tries on different things that I thought might have been it, when I realized it said Newsletter Settings, that was when I tried the Troop Settings option and then it appeared in my test users options.

I keep learning things by mistake… If you create an announcement to go in your newsletter, is there a way to keep those announcements from showing up in your “Announcements” section of every person in TT? Make them only show up in the newsletter? I’m thinking not… But just in case there is, I’d love to know how to do it. :smirk: