Automatic Monthly Newsletter


Every month, TroopTrack sends out a personalized newsletter to every member of the troop.

The newsletter can be configured to include:

  •  Upcoming events
  •  Assignments
  •  Announcements
  •  Recently completed awards
  •  Partially completed awards
  •  The balance of any money account associated with that household

Troop newsletters can be configured to go out weekly or monthly. Go to Communicate>Newsletter Settings to get started!



As far as I can tell, our AHG troop is not using this functionality to send a troop-wide newsletter.

I am a squad leader in our troop. Is there a way I can send a newsletter to just the girls in my squad?



I would like to bring some older comments I wholeheartedly agree with back up again for consideration. Thanks!

  • The ability to allow leaders to fill in sections of a newsletter with information. (In other words, a check box to turn on an expandable text field that could be filled with custom information at the top of the newsletter.)
  • The ability to include links to calendar events or to RSVP to events.
  • A new privilege for newsletter communications, to create, edit and delete newsletters.
  • The ability to select a custom mailing list for distribution of a newsletter to a smaller group or patrol and not the entire unit.


I love the newsletter feature and plan to use it for our troop this year. I want to include the partially completed awards but my question is this: can you make this to where only the partially completed awards from the girl’s current level are listed? My daughter has many unfinished badges from her time as a Tenderheart and now is an Explorer. I don’t need to be reminded of those since there is no purpose in completing them. I don’t necessarily want to delete the data. Is there a way to limit what shows in this field?
Thanks in advance!


I am trying to send our first newsletter. I would like it to go out now, so I am selecting Send Now, but nothing is happening, no one is receiving the newsletter. How do I fix this?


The lack of custom fields within the newsletter is what prevents us from using it at all (which is a bummer, considering how it creates an individual progress report for each scout).