Need to resolve Climbing MB minor changes in 2012 and 2017

The Climbing Merit badge was updated in 2012 with a break out of #1 into 3 sub parts. Here’s a link that shows the changes:

It was updated again in 2017 with a minor correction to #8. Here’s a link that shows those changes:

The Current merit badge in TroopTrack looks like it’s still showing the 2012 edition of the climbing merit badge.

Since there’s no new requirements here (just sub-requirements changing), I’d either like to see:

  1. Update the text for #1 and #8 to match the current climbing merit badge.
  2. Change the current climbing merit badge to “Climbing (2011)” and create a new one for “Climbing (2016)” and just “Climbing” so that the versions correctly match the year in which the last version of that Climbing merit badge was active.

I think #1 is easier to do here, but it’s your choice.


Hi Steve,

Thank you for the suggestions. It may mess up some of the completed work users have done if I edit the existing one so I went ahead and created a new one. It should be available to you now.

So, by default, the number after the merit badge is when the new changes go into effect? Or when the old changes last appeared? I think each merit badge has chosen different ways to handle this and there needs to be a standard adopted.

Just to put it out there, Scoutbook has a year next to each merit badge when the changes were adopted and not the year that it finished. Based on this page,, the last Climbing publication before 2012 changes was in 2006. So, maybe we should label the old one as Climbing (2006) instead of Climbing (2011). And if we’re going to do that, we might want to create the Climbing (2012) version as well instead of making them choose between 2006 and 2017.