New Beta Mailbox

How do you email the newly created Mailbox from with in Troop Track? For example, I created mailbox called webelos to email just the webelo scouts. From in the new mailbox if I hit new message, the message is only showing up in TroopTrack and not being sent to the members of that group. However I can input the mailbox address from a mail client it will send to all people in that group. I dont want to lose the ability to email from with in troop track. Its how all the den leaders know how to do it and I had a hard enough time getting the actually use troop track…

Just echoing that I hadn’t figured this out either (which I mentioned in “Advanced Email Settings” thread - perhaps not the best place to do so.) Was quietly waiting to see if most recent post from “Email Inbox & Subdomain Emails” got a response. But also aware that this is in beta, so not beating down doors.

FWIW, something brought up in that last thread (Email Inbox & Subdomain Emails) reminded me that one feature I’m eventually hoping for is a “if a Scout doesn’t have an email, THEN send to parents” option. Right now it’s just automatically cc-parents or never-cc-parents - which makes sense for cub scouts BUT boy scouts is boy-led. Meaning patrols might like to communicate without relying on parents as an intermediary… but to set up such lists (or for example, a “PLC” one) I need to go through and every time a Scout doesn’t have an email on file, put their parents on the various mailing lists.