Advanced Email Settings

We are rolling out a replacement of all the mailing lists very soon. You will be able to turn them on in your TroopTrack settings under the header “Advanced Email Settings”. Post your questions, answers, etc here once this feature is live.


If you’re interested in this, start by reading this: The future of magic mailing lists, custom mailing lists, and mailboxes

Here’s what the settings page will look like - it’s not final, but close:

One important note - when you turn on subdomain emails and aliases for the first time, you will also need to update your privileges and add “View Inbox” and “Manage Mailboxes” to yourself.

Once you turn on aliases, you will no longer have different types of mailing lists. No more magic mailing lists, mailboxes, or custom lists.

After you click on inbox, this is what you will see:

You will be able to create any mailbox you want now, and each mailbox will have a “member resolver” that goes with it. Here are some early screenshots of me creating a mailbox.

I have now created a mailbox. I can set it up to forward emails to the mailbox to people if I want to. I can also choose to not forward it at all! I will need to log in to TT to check it occasionally, but no forwarding is required.

I want to forward all emails sent to this email address on to the committee, so I’m going to edit recipients.

This is where I choose which positions are part of the committee. Ignore the fact that some positions are listed twice - this is my local development setup, not production.

I have chosen who to forward it to. BOOM!

I just created a mailbox that any email sent to will land in, no matter who sends it. It will then get forwarded to anyone with a committee position, based on my choices.

I think this is totally awesome.

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Patiently waiting… hubba hubba

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wait wait…

So we no longer have to send from the account of a member?

An email sent by "" who has no account in Trooptrack, can be received and even forwarded on?

(please say yes)


Yes. Once this is live.


Will we still have the option to prevent non-troop members from sending email to our sub-domain under

When can our Troop participate in the beta? (or when will the feature be out?)

Thanks! Great work!

Yes, you will be able to prevent unauthorized emails.

I hope the beta will start later this month or early March. The rails upgrade totally threw this feature off track.


Quick Update

The last part of this feature is to redesign the email composer to use the aliases. I’m trying to make it much simpler to use without losing functionality. Here’s an early screenshot - I don’t like the styling yet but it gives you an idea of where we are headed - we want this to look like any other email composer so that it is easy to understand.


On the assumption that magic mailing lists will eventually go away, can youth leadership positions be listed as a category as well as the adult ones? I.e. if I’m trying to create a PLC (patrol leaders council) mailing list, I want to just say “all (assistant) patrol leaders, etc.” and not have to select individual scouts (and then select different names when a new patrol leader is elected.)

Is this actually live? In which case, I thought I’d set up - but failed. Created mailbox, selected recipients, sent test emails from within TT inbox (which is showing up in inbox) and from personal email client (hasn’t yet shown up) and… no forwarding seems to be happening. If it’s not live yet, apologies for jumping the gun. If it is… I misunderstood something. Possibly the “I can choose not to forward at all” from statement below which I THOUGHT meant you could choose not to select anyone in the send to field… but maybe means there’s a toggle switch I didn’t find which allows for forwarding emails?

When is this going live? Also, how can I email one of the newly created inboxes from with in Troop Track? As of tight now, that wont work. I can only email the group if I copy and paste the new email address into a mail client.

I asked in a support case and was told to post my questions here. We need the ability to email from with in Troop Track. We need to be able to select the group we want to email and have that email delivered into our members mailboxes. As of right now it simply does not work unless I copy and paste or type the mailbox I want to email into a mail client. If there is some setting some where that can make this happen please let me know. Sure people can log into Troop Track to check messages in Troop Track but people aren’t going to do this. If this is how it is designed it is a huge step backwards in my opinion from the current mail system.

So I ask again… How can I use the new mail system to email members of a group from with in Troop Track?

@dave Seems that E-mails are not sending from the Beta site. I tried the following:

  1. Sent from within the beta area using the Editor
  2. Used 2 different Sending accounts from within the editor
  3. Sent to the mailbox from an email client

All are visible in the Mailbox, however nothing is sent (not received by anyone). Am I doing something wrong? I had success early on, but in the last month or so, something stopped working.


I’ve been trying for about a month to get an answer… I put a ticket in twice to the their help desk and was referred to this thread. I can only assume they are aware and are working on it. At least I really hope the silence on the issue means they are working on it.

No ETA, still gathering feedback, smashing bugs, and looking at features we want to add.

Hi @dave

Is this a feature yet, or still in testing?


It is currently a BETA feature, but we are still squashing a lot of bugs at the moment.

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Just checking if this feature is active and the preferred way we should be doing emails and email lists now?

How do I turn off message reformatting? Emails that I send to the inbox from gmail loose all their formatting. I have to be able to turn this off before I can use it.