New "Bulk transaction" interface and a lot of bug fixes (10/20/2015)

This morning we pushed a number of enhancements and bug fixes to production:

1) We've completely re-designed the "bulk transaction" feature that lets you post a transaction to multiple accounts at once. You can see a video of this here: We feel it is much easier to use this way.

2) We've updated the developer program page for registered partners to include a link to the API documentation. 

3) We've fixed a bug where a user who tried to edit a money account in a new tab would get an error.

4) We've fixed up the Cub Scout "Into the Wild" award so that it is located in the proper place.

5) We've fixed a bug where certain AHG Level Awards were not being assigned to a level.

6) We've modify the AHG view of achievements from a girl's profile so that level awards will be first in the list. 

7) We've modified the badge book CSV export so that it works more efficiently. 

8) We've fixed a bug where Boy Scout Troops were not able to delete youth leadership positions

9) We've added a column for "purchased" to all court of honor agendas so that a presenter knows that an award is not available to hand out. Some users present those awards anyway, others don't.

10) On quick message there is a field for CC'ing members of your unit. Previously this only included members who had their own email address. This was fine, except it didn't work will for units using the "Copy parents on all emails" setting. We have fixed this so that if you have the setting turned on AND the user has an adult family member with an email address, their name will show up even if they don't have an email address themselves.