New Elective Trail Badges Missing

We have a Trailman that has been working on Pet Care, but the badge is not available to record in TroopTrack. Is this something that TroopTrack adds, or is there another way to record it?

We had the exact issue. I was advised to track it on paper in the Trailman’s handbook. The badge is just an elective, so it can be tracked easily but there is no way to account for it in Trooptrack.
Brian, MO-3379

I am also having the same problem.

From the TroopTrack support, we were told to enter the badges as having been transferred in from BSA. We were able to enter “Pets” achievement available if you click the “BSA Transfer” button next to “Start Achievement” on a Trailman’s record. This was workable even if not optimal. We will be able to present the award at our Court of Honor.

Interesting. Thank you for the tip.