Record progress on awards based on attendance and more (5/9/2016)

This morning we released four changes:

  1. After you record attendance at an event you can record progress on an award for everyone who attended. Just click on Attendance -> Record Progress from the event details page and it will start the record progress workflow. Note: Since TrailLife troops have a custom version of record progress, this feature is not available yet for them.

  2. Some users were having troubling using an external web site for their public web site depending on whether “http://” was included when they edited the setting. We have added some code to fix broken web sites and to require troops that use this setting to include the https from now on.

  3. Some users don’t have households, and as a result were not able to RSVP for events. This has been fixed.

  4. We have added support for sending text messages to GCI customers.

Have a great week!



some of my attendances were not recorded. also i cannot add my CERT and CPR info. Thanks

LOVE the new button. I just logged in to TT to award patches for an event before ordering them. With the new button, it took me 25 seconds. Yes, I timed it. And then because I knew I’d never have to do it the “slow” way again (and because I’m a nerd to loves to test things out), I re-did it picking people individually one last time and timed myself again. 2 min 29 seconds, and that’s with me working as quickly as I could and having to mark only about half the number of girls that we usually have at events.

It’s not often that you get to increase efficiency by 500+% but, Dave, you and your team did it with this button! Thank you!

:grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: (one for each 100%)


With regard to adding bulk progress for attendees, what will TroopTrack do if a Scout already has credit for an item? Will it keep the original date or override with the date entered on the bulk award?

For example, a Scout named Tim has already received credit for Tenderfoot requirement 4a, with a recorded date of 1/6/16. We then have a Troop meeting on 4/1/16, record attendance, and record bulk progress so all attendees receive credit for the Tenderfoot 4a item. Would the date on Tim’s advancement record show the original 1/6 or be updated to 4/1?

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Is it possible to add the attendance of members for prior dates? We have attendance sheets that were signed and need to be added.

@LorindaSouthern, you can record attendance for any event in your TroopTrack calendar.

@MikeHulsey, bulk progress is designed to only updated requirements that do not have a date filled in already. If that’s not working for you, please post it in the bugs category.



Thank you! This was the link between attendance and progress that I have been hoping for since we began using TroopTrack. This will greatly streamline our record keeping, and that makes me happy. :grin: Thanks!

This is a great feature and will help considerably. Looking at Bulk recording, is it possible to add training courses to this? For Example we recently had CPR training for 20 Troop members and it would be great to be able to bulk record this rather than have to do each participant individually.


Not currently, but it’s a great idea. Can you start a new topic in the ideas category and see what kind of support we get? That’s how we prioritize our projects.

~ Dave

This question is not based on attendance, but wondering if merit badges can automatically be added to the boys’ ranks. Star Rank requires 4 Eagle and 2 general, Life requires 3 Eagle & 2 general, etc. Is it possible for the site to automatically apply the MB’s to the rank needed?

Would you mind posting this as a new topic in the “Ideas” category please? That way other users can chime in, which is how we prioritize what we work on.

This is a feature which Trail Life troops would love to have, too.

Dave noted in the original message that the feature is not available for TLUSA “yet”; does that mean it is already in the works? If not, should I post a new topic for that?

Thank you,

This will need to be approved by TLUSA before we implement it.


~ Dave