New Member Welcome E-Mail

We have quite a bit of information that we like to send new members. It would be nice if we could have a stock welcome e-mail saved that we could just select to send as we get new members. Perhaps an undated Announcement, or even the ability to edit a previously sent message to send to new participants rather than just a re-send option.


I agree! This would be so helpful!

Would a save document Word or PDF that you could always attach help?

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I would love more options besides just ‘resend’. How about a ‘copy email’…sometimes you’ve sent emails out and you need to send it out again, but to a different group and/or a smaller subset of the original group.

Yes, I have thought about creating a PDF to send however I find that anytime someone needs to open an attachment the percentage of people who actually do so decreases dramatically. If the information is just all there in the message they are more likely to at least view some of it.

Great suggestion!! This would be very helpful. Has any movement been made with this?

You could also use a Word document instead and then just copy and paste the text. I know its an ugly work around, but these types of changes take a long time, so you’ll need something in the mean time.

I make due right now with copying and pasting from the old message, I just wanted to put it out there to see how much support it might gain to then get it on the roadmap for a future implementation.