Newsletter design and options

The newsletter has been a constant struggle for us. There are so many ways to improve the functionality of it.

  1. A summary list of sections included so people can click and jump to different section.

  2. We like to add details about an event into the description of the event. However the newsletter only gives a brief amount of info. The option to either keep it this way or select show whole description.

  3. The option to add a 7 or 30 day calendar view highlighting events included in the newsletter.

  4. More control when adding photos into the layout.

  5. The ability to reorder announcements that is separate from having to manipulate start and end dates for announcements so they are in the right order.

  6. The ability to change text size and font for the whole newsletter.

  7. Less white space to reduce scrolling when viewing on phones.

Iā€™m sure there are more great ideas out there, but these changes would make a huge difference in how our newsletters would serve our troop.

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