Improve Newsletter Layout For Mobile Displays

The newsletter layout should be improved to make it more readable on mobile devices. Most people probably view their email on some sort of mobile device now-a-days. Viewing the newsletter on a mobile device is very difficult. It should act more like a reflexive web site and adjust the layout to the displaying device. If displayed on a computer, then the two column concept is OK, but when viewed on a mobile device, eliminate the sidebar and just display the information one after the other rather than try to sandwich it in two columns.

Better yet, just get rid of the sidebar completely and show the content one item at a time.

Build the link to the event into the event title rather than have the paragraph “Get more information about this event here: Troop Meeting (Must be logged in to TroopTrack)”. It would eliminate a lot of redundant text and simplify the layout.

Get rid of the wordy links to add calendar events and replace with icons as described in this post: Newsletter Improvements: Concise calendar text

Sort events based on the date of the event, with the closest events displayed first.


You make some solid points here. Thank you.

Viewing in a web-based email (like gmail) is also not easy on the eyes either.

I don’t know what programming trickery is required to do this, but please expand to make use of all the space available, no matter what the device.


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I think if these features were implemented we would actually use the newsletter feature. As of now it is turned off due to being so clunky. I would love to be able to utilize this feature since it has great information in it!