Not Able To Upload Documents

Hello, a new bug. I am unable to upload documents to the site. I get a HTTP error of 413 Request Entity Too Large. This is not a big file at all.

Good afternoon @JustinWeaver,

Where were you attempting to upload your document? I was able to upload a test text file to Share-Troop Documents and did not receive an error. What type of file were you uploading, what size was the file?

Under the medical forms section. They were PDFs.

I just did some testing and it appears as though the max file size allowed for the medical form is 1MB. I was able to upload a 1MB file but got the error on a 1.2MB file.

That didn’t used to be the case. I’ve uploaded things larger than that before. That really isn’t very large at all.

Was the upload size for Medical Forms changed to 1MB for a specific reason?

Same thing is happening to my. Uploading medical forms is resulting in " 413 Request Entity Too Large"

Ditto here. I was trying to replace an old file with a newer version (pdf, 1.2MB) and I am getting an error message.

I am trying to upload files to the Troop Documents section.

This was caused by some infrastructure updates that had been done and is now updated to allow larger files again.

I am still getting the error “413 Request Entity Too Large” with a 1400KB file with attempt to upload in Troop Documents

I am still seeing the same issue and have reported it to TT staff.