User Medical Form

I just tried to upload a child’s medical form to the “User Medical Form” tab and got the following message: “Document size exceeds size limitation of 3MB”

Is there any way around this? Is it possible to modify this upper limit? Or perhaps to eliminate it altogether?

It seems artificial, since I wasn’t blocked from uploading this document to the “Pack Documents” or the member’s “files” tab.



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Hi @njmike,

3MB is HUGE for a three page document.

You are going to have to reduce the size of the medical form. I don’t think anyone has every hit that limit before.

Thanks for asking!

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This document was scanned, in color, at 300dpi. It is, what it is, so your decision to tell me this file is “huge” is an unqualified opinion. These settings are not out-of-line, and are typical for capturing a high-quality scan.

I like Trooptrack and I’ve enjoyed our interactions so far, so please don’t sully it’s reputation by telling me what is or isn’t a “HUGE” file, or by invalidating my question simply because nobody else has talked to you about it – I may be the only person who has questioned it, but it doesn’t mean nobody else has “hit that limit.”

Well, I still don’t understand why there is NO file upload limit in the other areas.

Hi @njmike,

I’m sorry my comments upset you. I was just repeating what our head developer told me. Thank you for your request, but at this time, the setting will remain as it was designed.

I found this service (I’m not sure if it is trustworthy, but it might be worth a shot) that will resize your file image.

Best wishes.

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What’s the harm in cranking it up 2 or 3 more megabytes? I just did a .pdf file search on my system and found a few dozen of them exceeding 3MB. I do a lot of documentation by scanning PDF’s and plan to store a bunch of them on TroopTrack.


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Hi @gbanta1109,

Dave discussed this in another post. We will likely be discontinuing the feature all together. Thank you for asking.

I actually ran into this problem as well. I have a document scanner that would scan user’s medical form. I couldn’t scan in color because that made it way too big, so I’d scan in grayscale and then only 50% of them were too big. So for those I had to have Acrobat optimize them to bring them down to size and then I could upload them. Fortunately, I have a copy of the paid version of acrobat because you can’t do that in the reader. I know that 3MB is plenty for the electronic version of the form from BSA, but maybe not a version scanned with signatures.

It’s too bad you’re going to discontinue this. I like being able to have it attached to a user’s profile. At this point I don’t know the software well enough to know if you can do anything with it, but it should would be nice for an outing coordinator to hit a button that would then print all the participants health forms to take with you. With it being this way, they could then be destroyed after each outing as you can print them again for the next outing.

At minimum, it becomes “on file” for the parent to grab their latest copy to see help them fill out next year’s copy. That alone is valuable I think. So…don’t get rid of it, instead expand on what you can do with them to help us with the logistics of having to have them with us on outings. :slight_smile:

I introduced TroopTrack to our Boy Scout Troop leadership this weekend at our ‘Planning Camp Out’ where we plan the entire coming year and set our calendar. They were 'WOWed" and impressed at what this program has to offer and what an incredible value it seems to be. A big part of the excitement is the prospect for getting rid of TroopMaster we have used for years.

All that to say… the availability of Medical Records was HUGE in the minds of all present. More than a few times a year we have to have them for events… and to have them on file (as mentioned) for parents to reference for prior records of immunizations is a very attractive benefit … Please don’t make it go away!

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Could you provide a link to “Dave’s other post?” Thanks!


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I solved this problem by changing the scan to 300 x 300 dpi and changing the scan to black and white only and that seem to solve the size issue.
Hope this helps.

I hope you do not discontinue medical forms. This is something I was very interested in. Great for the camp out coordinator.

Two items: 1) 3 MB is no longer considered a “huge” file. The original blank PDF provided by BSA is 1.5 MB - and that is not a scan, but the original file. Scanned versions are going to be bigger in many cases. Some additional space would be helpful, although I understand the potential cost incurred for storage across thousands of medical forms.
2) Please do not discontinue this service! We are working to leverage Troop Track’s capabilities to centralize our recordkeeping, and if we need to go back in the opposite direction - and decentralize (and disorganize) our records, the service isn’t as valuable to us any more.

Yours in Scouting,
Erik Kakulis - Scoutmaster, Troop 393 - Glendale, WI

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I hate to be the one to say it, because I too hoped for this.

But the evidence is clear - BSA does not want us storing medical forms electronically.

And here, from

This feature shouldn’t even exist, or maybe should be disabled for any BSA-related organizations.

Once you start storing medical records electronicly, you are going to have to start complying with HIPAA federal regulations – a big can of worms.



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Mike –

Thanks for taking the time to respond - we really appreciate it. Good information, and taken under advisement.

I’ll ready the copier…

Yours in Scouting,
Erik Kakulis
Scoutmaster, Troop 393

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For our pack medical forms, I get these folders:

We have a folder for each den. I use a P-Touch to put the den number on the front. The envelopes are opaque, so you can’t see through them. And they are red, so you know they are for emergency use. They are made out of plastic, so they will last a while; we’ve had them for a couple years now and they still look pretty good.

When we go camping, they all get gathered together so they are in a central location. I also have all the parent & sibling medical records in the folders also. This way, we have them all, and we have them all together.