One time payments for extra fees?

My Troop plans to go with Credit Card payment only, to start within the area of online payments. I am curious how a “one time” payment could be handled for something. For example, summer camp may have extra merit badges that require an extra fee. Do I need to set up an “event” called “extra merit badge fees” and let people RSVP to the event to pay with credit card? Or is there any kind of way to “invoice” the parent for the one time expense?

Hi @Stevehassenzahl,

You can create an event for this if you want.

You can use money accounts to keep track of other fees, though. We don’t offer an invoice feature at this time. By charging a fee to a user’s money account, they will get notified if you choose to include the option under Communicate > Newsletter settings when that goes out. They will be able to pay that up by going to the Money tab in their profile page and pressing “Make a deposit”.



And the “Make a Deposit” can be done by credit card?


Yes. You can set a minimum deposit under Manage > Settings > Online payments. A user just has to go to their money tab, hit “Make a Deposit”, enter the amount, and if you use PayPal it will take you there, if you use Stripe, it will pop up so you can enter your CC info and pay.


I have played with this a bit. I set up scout accounts and we have Stripe set up. I also have the setting for the parent to pay the fees for Stripe. When I pay for an event, it charges me by adding the fees ON TOP. It adds the fees to the total amount. So a $120 summer camp payment shows up as $124.14. Yet the account deposit appears to work in the other direction. If I deposit $120, it charges me $120 exactly on my credit card but the process debits my account for the fees.

I am not complaining, just curious. Why do these work differently? I know the result is the same, the parent pays the fee. But it seems opposite and thus might confuse some people.

Or am I misunderstanding how this works?