Multiple Fees for the same event

I’ve run into this twice now this year and would like a solution. We need to be able to charge for multiple items in one event. 2 examples (Timberwolves game with set event fee. Some scouts bought meal tickets, some did not.) Next (Many Point-Some scouts are doing the ATV event, others are not). Currently I have to set up 2 separate events for the same event because I need to be able to charge the other charges.


Hi @PhillipKivel,

I may not be understanding this so correct me if I am wrong. You are saying that you would like to be able to charge more than one fee for an event?

If this is the case, we currently don’t offer support for that, but if You change the category to “Ideas”, we’d be glad to consider it.

You may just use Money Accounts for the second fee in the meantime. Parents can add money to their scout’s money account and you just make the transfer in TroopTrack “Fee for meals” or something and you’re good to go.

I also would like this feature. In my case, local council requires a deposit for summer camp due a few months before the balance is due. I would like to be able to charge just a portion of the fees for an event or have two separate charges with unique descriptions.

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I too would like to see this. In my instance, we are needing to order meals. The meals may be different costs (i.e. a child meal vs. an adult meal). So a way to set up “custom fields” for fees would be very helpful!!! We run into this with almost every campout, as we are Cub Scouts, the parents must order and pay for their food. So they need to be able to order Friday Dinner, Sat. Breakfast, opt out for Sunday Breakfast, etc…

I’m running into this issue as well. There is a cookie rally/skating party coming up. Girls and adults who will be skating are $10/pp, anyone not skating is $5/pp. My troop likes to use the pay through TroopTrack feature. It makes life so much easier. But when there are 2 different event fees I have to track things differently and it gets confusing with the work-arounds. We also had this issue with a troop party at a trampoline park. Parents had the option to attend and they could jump for $24 or just participate in the pizza party for $5. Having 2 different events for the same thing is not working because people RSVP for both and without thinking and end up paying 2 event fees instead of the 1 they are supposed to, making more work for me. I also then have to merge the two lists, when I should just have the 1 with the various options for the event listed.

Have you tried using Event Items for the secondary fee. For your two examples it would be $5 for the event and then a $5 Event Item skating per person. $5 event fee, for pizza, then $19 event item for jumping. They would have to do the event item for each person participating so would require some explanation but once they got the hang of it seems like it might work.