Only subject line being sent from Apple Mail on phone or computer

We are new to TroopTrack and we are looking to determine if it is the right solution for our BSA Troop. A feature that is important to us is having the ability to send to a mailing list via a smart phone, specifically iPhones. Currently, when emails are sent from Apple Mail, (either from an iPhone or from a Mac) to an email distribution list on TT, only the subject line comes through, not the body of the message. I assume that a work around would be to send a message through the app, but using an outside e-mail client is preferred. I’ve searched the Community list but did not see anything on this subject. Any insight on how to resolve?

I have noticed some stuff from members in my unit with a subject only too, Thanks for the correlation to apple mail. I will have them test to see if that is on our end too. Most of my scouts interact via mobile device not desktop.

Glad it isn’t just something being seen solely on our end. In my testing I narrowed the issue to the Apple Mail App, since I can send emails fine through Thunderbird on my Mac, but not via the default program. A subject only result occurred when I sent from my iPhone too, and that uses the default mail program. I’m curious to know if you find a similar result, and if Apple Mail encoding is the cause.