Using personal email to send out emails to troop track addresses

We have set up several custom email addresses for Pioneers and Patriot teams. When I email the addresses using Mac Mail sometimes they go through and sometimes they don’t. Last night I sent an email to all 4 of our Pi/Pa teams, I received the confirmation from TT that said they went through as well as a copy of the email, but none of our teams received it. I went into my Recent Messages, the message shows up that it went out.

I don’t know if it makes a difference, but I also attached a file. The file didn’t go through on the email I received. When I realized that, I went ahead and logged into TT and sent a 2nd email with the actual attachment. Everyone received that one. But no one received the original one sent from my Mac Mail.

I’ve found a post or two that have had similar issues, so I’m going to hope that my will be an easy fix or something that I can do to fix my problem. :wink: