Option to have Eagle required Merit badges listed as a regular merit badge

Some of the merit badges are ones that you can choose which applies, Swimming/Hiking/Cycling or Environmental Science/Sustainability and Lifesaving/Emergency Preparedness. It’s confusing when a scout does both (or all three) and you have to compensate for these coming up Eagle Required when at that point they’re not. Then I get scouts or parents asking why they have to do another for rank when it looks like they have enough.

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I agree that this would be a helpful addition. It would be great if TT automatically reviewed this, but I would settle for an option to manually flag it as a “duplicate” and remove it from counting towards Eagle. We have a scout who is nearing his 18th birthday. His record shows “13 of 13 Eagle MB complete” but he is still actually one MB short. This won’t be an issue for the Scout, but I could see potential for it to really create a problem.

Great idea, I’m surprised this hasn’t been shared before (from what I can tell).

Perhaps if a scout completes one of the three they can choose from, the others become electives (not-bolded) automatically on their list of available/in progress merit badges so that it appears correctly (as an elective) on the scout’s achievement record as well…