Eagle scout Rank - Required Merit Badge update

Citizenship in Society needs to be added to the Eagle Rank Requirements list of Required Merit Badges and the total required merit badges should be increased to 14 from 13. Any estimate on when that might be updated?

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Cit in Society is in the system, and it’s listed as Eagle required. I just did some updates to our MBCs and saw it as such. It also shows up properly in a Scout’s achievements when entered. The devs just haven’t fixed that number at the top of the Achievements tab for the Scouts.

Thanks. But when looking at the individual Scouts’ Ranks, “Eagle (2016)” is what shows and requirement 3 does not list Cit in Society as one of the required.

@dave and @Tyler,

BSA has updated the requirements for the Eagle Rank slightly. Here is a link to the file containing the changes and the source page. I you could update this that would be great. Also updating the Merit Badge tracker on the profile advancements page would be great as well. Thanks.

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Thanks @AaronStorey !