Organization name different on Mobile and Desktop

I have set up our pack account with “Number or Name of Pack” set to “10”.
When I view the website on my laptop, the name of the group up next to the fire icon is “Pack 10” but if I view it in the browser on my phone (the way I anticipate most families realistically will) it just says “10”. Since we have both a pack and a troop with the same number, not specifying Pack or Troop is problematic.
If I change the Number or Name of Pack to “Pack 10” then it displays normally on the phone, but the desktop version is “Pack Pack 10”

I am not sure if this is new or I just never noticed it, I thought it always showed TroopTrack next to the icon. I am curious for your computer browser view does it show the number next to the TroopTrack logo (fire icon) or below it? This is what mine looks like in computer browser.
Screen Shot 2023-04-03 at 9.59.40 AM
Then mobile browser and app it looks like this pre login but after login the Pack 805 second line does go away and only the 805 remains.

One work around is choose different themes for each unit, as you can see I have the Cub Scout colors for my Pack account, then the Troop has different colors. In our case for some historical reason our Pack and Troop have different numbers so ours is easy but I know most that share a Charter also share numbers. I would also suggest changing this post to an Idea and we can see if people respond and like the simplicity of the number or if they would like to see the Unit Type added. I would lean toward adding the unit type on mobile so post login it would show Pack “000”.
Screen Shot 2023-04-03 at 10.16.29 AM