Organizing Money Accounts

Please figure out a way to group money accounts so that troop accounts will be listed at the top of the all accounts page rather than mixed in alpabetically with all the individual accounts.

Also, we would LOVE to not have our dads showing up since they are not members of AHG or really need any money tracking.

thank you!
Gambrill Wagner


We prefix all of our Troop accounts with an exclamation point (!). Those are sorted at the top before individual accounts.


@GambrillWagner We get around the “dad issue” by deactivating them. We still have access to their information or if later they decide to be more involved in the troop where they need to receive communication, we re-activate them. We have several dads who are involved either on the board or with camping or other areas. For the Money section, we just create accounts for households.

Not sure how you organize your families on your Unit page, but those dads who want to be on the list for mailing are in an “Unassigned” category at the bottom of our Units page. We keep them in there to have access to them if we need to add them to something.

Does that help or confuse you? You’re welcome to message me privately if you’d like.



That helps A LOT! Thank you so much for the tip.

That is brilliant, @MikeHulsey!!! Thank you!

Won’t deactivating dads prevent them from getting emails or even logging in to TroopTrack? We only create Money accounts for adults that are in a leadership position and have fees, making for a shorter list yet keeping youth and adult accounts separate.

It does, but some of our dads were put into Connect (AHG National) with all their information. When we synced with Connect, it brought all their information over. And they didn’t want all the emails. They asked to be taken off the list, they didn’t even want a TT account as their wives took care of all the AHG/TT stuff. So for us, it was just easier to deactivate them.

By creating family money accounts, we could keep all of one household’s girls in one place. We really haven’t figured out how to efficiently use the Money Accounts for our troop since we only collect money once or twice a year.

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@SRUEDU when you deactivate the dads do they stay that way when you next sync with AHG Connect?


Yes!!! We’ve had families who have moved away and we deactivated them. Since then we have had to sync several times and they have never shown back up.

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