Photo Album Picture Re-ordering and Add a Caption?

I think it would be awesome to re-order the pictures in album in the Share section. Right now when you bulk select pictures to upload it will do it on a queued basis that can put them out of chronological order of the when the pictures are being taken.

To work around it, I upload them one at a time in the order that I want them displayed.

However - if another parent appends pictures those are added at the end.

Could it be an enhancement request to display the caption for the picture above the picture when displaying it?


I love this idea. To piggyback on it, on our old troop site we had the option to tag who was in the picture. This way if there are hundreds of pictures in an album and they wanted to find pictures of just their scout then they could. Of course some crazy person (me) would have to be willing to do the tagging. :slight_smile:


If we get tagging functions - a checkbox list would be nice.

Then, I’ll add you as a member of our Troop and you can leverage your OCD skills on our albums too.

Please Trooptrack - add these two features.

Just having the captions would be a great addition.

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You can caption… open the album, go to list view, click on edit.

Sure, you can add a title and description… but it doesn’t actually appear to be displayed anywhere to users. Those values only appear to be shown if you’re editing those details. “Captions” that you have to drill down to detail view to see aren’t very useful. It would be nice if captions (or at least the title value) were displayed in slideshow view.

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Ordering right now is close to random. It looks like it might be upload time, which effectively randomizes the order. If it were by name, I could control it. If it were by the capture time in the EXIF data, it would be reasonable. But upload time (which is what it looks like) is not very reasonable :frowning:


I opened a request about this a year or so ago. It still shows “Needs Developer Review”

Perhaps we can get “Photo Albums” relabeled as "Photo Shoeboxes.’ You know, you throw all your pictures in there and they all jumbled up in a random order with no labels so no one remembers who those strangers in the pictures are or when they were taken.

Seriously, I’d rather the albums didn’t exist than have them done this badly. No ordering, no labeling, no good :frowning:

I agree. Reordering and tagging should be standard photo capability in today’s world. Will continue using Shutterfly until this is up to speed. Great ideas! :slight_smile:

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