Photo Organizing

Our troop has a bajillion photos (think 35 moms armed with cameras and cell phones :smirk: ) and we have organized all our photos into albums. Currently we have 3 pages of albums. Our troop over the summer has grown almost double in size again this year. Now we have 60 moms armed with cameras. And have almost double the events planned that we had last year.

Could there be a way to organize the photos with tabs, so that you can have a year in a tab? Each tab has pages of photos? Something that would allow parents to quickly go in, find a year of photos and then look through the albums/events from that year and download the photos?

@njmike Could you add some ideas to how your troop could use some additional features?



I agree. A folder organization or tabbed organization would be a good enhancement.

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I think it would make sense, at the very least, to have the ability for photo albums to auto-organize into “past years” archives… “2015” “2014” and so on. This wouldn’t change the URLs of albums or photos, just change the way they are displayed.

If our TT developers don’t want to reinvent the wheel, then perhaps it may make sense for TroopTrack to make use of existing APIs from services such as Snapfish, Dropbox, Flickr, Instagram, etc. Which may or may not give the ability we are looking for here, I’m not sure.

Certainly, some way to organize many albums would be useful. I can’t think of anything else at the moment.


I agree. I was just trying to figure out how I could add folders so I could import photos from our previous system. The ability to create a folder and then put photos in there would be great. In fact folders within folders would be even better. A lot of times we have all of the raw photos but then we process them to get a good subset.

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I completely agree! We currently use Shutterfly until the photo capabilities of TroopTrack are further improved. In Shutterfly, we create a tab for each program year, and then within that tab there is an album for each event. VERY convenient and not overwhelming at all. The only drawback to Shutterfly (besides being an additional login to remember) is the fact that you can only download one pic at a time. :frowning:

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Is there a way to archive photo albums by years? Starting a new year and would like to archive past years to see this year clearly.

It would be nice to have more options available for the Photo Albums. In my opinion if I was at that level of photos I would really be looking for some kind of external Photo Album system that was much more robust and feature rich. I know we want TT to be all things to all people however there really are some things that just don’t make sense from a development and support standpoint to implement.

We’re up to 25 pages of albums. I noticed the other day on page 25 we have albums listed that are from last year. But most of the albums from last year are in pages 1-2. I’d love to see tabs to move the albums to to sort by year.

We have to keep them on TT b/c not all families are on board with putting photos out to 3rd party photo center.