Printing Blank Permission Slips

Is it possible to print a blank Permission Slip for AHG? I would like to print blank ones that don’t require me to input a girl’s name. Right now in order for me to do that, I have to create one and export it to a PDF and then edit it on my own to erase the girl’s name in order to create a blank one. That is a lot of work for one piece of paper.


There is a way to print a permission slip for AHG in TT?

We’ve always used the one from National. We have a blank copy and we edit for different events. But if you just need a blank pdf, I can email you one.

You can print permission slips that coordinate with events that you have on the calendar. But for AHG you have to pick at least one girl who is invited. Ideally if you are printing them for a squad or a unit, you can pick all the girls invited and print out individual ones with their names on it. I would like to be able to have them for specific events and just leave them blank so that I can print enough for all of our troop. I can do that now but I have to do at least one girl and then export it to a PDF and change it myself.

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So I just found the blank one on AHG Connect. Thank you for that suggestion. I will use that from now on. So much easier.

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I second this request. It would be cheaper for us to print one permission slip with no name and then make copies.

If you are an AHG troop, you can download National’s Permission Slip from Connect. Our troop has a blank permission slip that we edit for events and then we attach to our calendar events. That way it’s blank and the parents can fill in the girl’s name. It also allows us to fill in the information in advance so there is no confusion and we don’t have to make all the copies.

Our girls are responsible for bringing their own permission slips. That said, we also have a few blanks on hand that the event coordinator prints off “just in case” but we don’t advertise that we do that b/c we want our families to be responsible for bringing it. Life happens, we all forget things now and again, so we try and have a couple extras just in case. We also keep a blank permission slip under documents so that our families can print blank ones as needed for events.

My guess is that to do something like this would be time consuming and tedious for Troop Track b/c each organization has it’s own permission slips and wording. It’s not something that could just be coded easily and quickly. But I’m not a coder and I could be very wrong about that. :wink:

Yes, I second this. We never use the “Print a Permission Slip” option because we don’t need print permission slips with the youths’ names already entered. What I’d love though is to be able to do everything that’s currently on the “Print a Permission Slip” page with the exception that I don’t have to pick any youth participants. Or maybe it includes a checkbox at the very top called “Leave youth name blank.” Then clicking print would be give a permission slip with a blank for the name.