Digital permission slips

Before we add an outside provider to our world, is there any hope of adding digital permission slips?

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Yes there is. I’ll see if it’s something we can implement quickly.


Our troop would love to know more about this! This is something we have talked about doing…

Any time frame yet for digital permission slips?

I am looking to see if TT is able to set up an online permissions slip for an event? When you set up an event that requires a parent’s permission, a parent could click on a link in the email/invite and fill out the information and provide an e-signature. Once an e-signature is received, a checkbox would then indicate signature for the event is on file. This way the leaders can clearly see who has signed permissions and an emergency contact is visible.

To me, it seems like if the slips are printed then they would have to be scanned/uploaded but not necessary tied back to the particular event and camper. It will be on file, but may be a lot of manual processing.



Hi @heat.corbin,

This is not available functionality on TroopTrack but is a great idea. It was not previously done because of some technical reasons, but this is definitely something TroopTrack can look into build once again.

@heat.corbin Our troop recently converted to google docs for ours. We have a google docs whiz in our troop. She put the form up with all the information, we attach the link on our event, then families go in and fill out the form, the day before the event she prints off an excel spreadsheet with all the information families entered to hand out, it has 2 columns for signing in and out.

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Was this ever delivered? we we have a large boy and girl Troop and having to print and collect paper permission slips on every Campout is a complete nightmare. Digital signatures would solve a lot of problems for us