Printing the rank progress report & bulk money transaction

This morning we shipped two bug fixes:

  1. Bulk money transactions were failing. This is now fixed.
  2. Printing the rank progress report was failing. Fixed!

Happy Friday!



I just performed a small bulk transaction and got this error after reviewing them - it looks like they succeeded, but the error message is… startling.


@Spencer Please take a look at this one.

I tried the Bulk Transaction feature this morning and received an error message after submitting the transactions. Only 2 of about 10-15 transactions actually posted. I tried it twice with the same results.

I’ve submitted a solution, @dave.

Thanks. Just deployed it. This problem should now be fixed @StephanieCrippen

I’ve tried to post a bulk transaction several times today. Once I get to the submit button, I click on it and it does nothing. I can click on the start over button, but the submit button doesn’t do anything. Is this a problem only I’m having?