Progress on awards via Mobile App not updating to website

I’m really not sure if perhaps I’m just doing something wrong here but I’m trying to update my trailmen’s records via the mobil app and it doesn’t seem to be updating to the main website. Did I just waste $5?

Actually now that I look harder at it, I’m seeing the sub requirements I’m marking off (#1 & #2) getting updated but the percentage on the top level requirement isn’t clicking up. It’s only when I go into the award via the website and update another requirement (#3) that the system is taking into effect #1 & #2 with it’s percentage calculation

Taking it to the logical conclusion the updating requirements #4-#6 you can see how the system is seeing mobil app uploaded requirements.

I am having the same problem for the Girl Scout version on the mobile app. None of the badge updates I entered even show as “saved” in the app, let alone appearing in the online version.

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I was going to suggest to my adult leaders that they purchase and install this app but at this point it looks to be a bust.

I was looking forward to using the mobile app to check off individual scout accomplishments and attendance AT the meetings right on my phone, but I didn’t see anyway of doing so at the beginning of the year (Sept). Since then I’ve gone “old school” and created an Excel spreadsheet for each achievement that I print off and manually check off attendance and accomplishments and then upload to TroopTrack on my computer at home. Checking the app again today I still see no way of doing either at a den/pack meeting.

I use an iPhone 5 with current OS.

I have no clue what the purpose of the Achieve tab is. None of the Belt Loops apply to Wolves. The Wolf Cub Electives are incorrect. The Roman Catholic religious award is not listed in the Religious section. There is nothing under “Elective” -> Wolf Cub Electives. The whole section makes absolutely no sense to me. A waste of app space.

I haven’t found any real use for the mobile app other than sending quick emails/texts to my den or checking my own Scout’s achievements.

Yeah, the mobile app is pointless. Even basic functions don’t work if you are a leader and used to editing on the fly. The app just lets you view, and not everything at that. If you are a parent, you would probably be better off referring to the newsletter or website info when you get home. Despite the negative reviews I spent the $5 in hopes it would help me during meetings. Instead, I just bring my iPad and use the website version (wifi hotspot using my phone). :slight_smile: