Progress reports for dens are still unusable

I’ve complained about this before to no avail. The progress reports are either not working, or do not show enough information to be useful. There are two reasons we switched over to use this product. First was calendaring and communications, which is easily done via other platforms if needed. The second, was progress tracking for scouts, to make it easier for our den leaders, scouts, and parents to see how the scouts are progressing. I’m getting closer and closer to starting to look for an easier/better product to help with that.

I’ve logged this issue a few times, and basically every time I get no real help or response. I’ve been “handed over to developers”, etc, but no improvements in how progress tracking works are ever completed. It shouldn’t be this hard to show overall scout progress.

Currently, when I go to ‘manage dens’ and click on ‘progress report’, I get a screen that by default is showing the first-year Webelos rank progress. So I have to search out the rank for AOL (Web II). Then, I’m presented with a screen showing each scout down the left, with numbers 1-4 across the top. To find out what 1-4 mean, I have to hover each one (OK, easy enough, but not great user experience). Then, once I click on one of the numbers, I land on a screen with the scout names down the left, and nothing across the top, with some random check marks on the page under the phantom columns. I can’t hover or click to find out what any of them mean.

This is the same issue I’ve complained about many times. Why can’t you show scout progress as a group for den leaders to track? Instead, I have to look up each scout individually and basically build my own spreadsheet to figure out where we are as a group. This is what I want to avoid by using a product like this…

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We’re very sorry that this has been such a source of frustration. Our developer is currently working on some improvements to that specific progress report that should make it a lot nicer and more intuitive. Please bear with us for a few weeks while we make those changes, test them for any bugs, and get them put up on the site! :slight_smile:

I look forward to improvements in that area. Tracking achievement progress has always been more challenging than it should be. I did manage to find a way around it by using the somewhat improved “incomplete achivevement” report. That area could also be improved by adding some hyperlinks to allow you to navigate around from that report.


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