Removing Website Banner

Hi all,

I am playing around with our public website. Is it possible to remove the TT banner that shows plan manage communicate buttons?

I’ve looked in settings, and tried editing a page, but can’t find anything.

In settings,I can move to a “slim” version if I don’t want the badges. But that banner still takes up space.



Hi @sgaines,

Are you talking about the black bar at the very top of the screens? (Maybe take a screenshot so I can have a better idea?)

Thank you.

Hi @mlsully2002,

When I was writing the post, I had a feeling I should include a screenshot… :):):slight_smile:

How can this banner be removed?

I know I can go into settings and turn off the larger patches that gives me this banner

I was wondering if there is a way to remove either option.



Hi @sgaines,

Unfortunately that banner cannot be removed. It would cripple the navigation of the average user. May I ask why you would like it removed?

Thank you.

Thanks @mlsully2002,

No real reason, was just looking at freeing up some extra screen space, that’s all.

Thanks for the reply!