Newsletter with GIANT TT Logo

I received my first weekly newsletter from one of the units I’m associated with. The header had a large TT logo and the footer had a ginormous TT logo. When viewing it on my cellphone, it appears the logo is designed to be 100% of the screen width. When viewing on my computer monitor, the logo is wider than the space displayed and caused a left-right scroll bar at the bottom of the screen.

I’m not a fan of all the branding, but I do understand it. Both logos, however, are oversized compared to the size of the text in the messages. See the attached pic of my PC screen. I’m viewing using Gmail on Chrome and the screen view size is set to 100%.

Is there any way to customize this? As I start sending to my primary unit, I’d like to avoid this.

Perhaps the TT Logo at the bottom could be limited to 800 px like the custom logo header instructions.

Also noticed this, not a fan.
Hopefully the new custom logo will fix it and put my banner back on the header of the newsletters.