Revamp Dashboard user interface?

Our troop signed up for TT this fall, and I have been trying to familiarize myself with TT since then. I have received some feedback from a few users in our troop, and mostly they have found the website to be confusing. A couple of people said that they have spent a few hours figuring it out. I am concerned that if our leaders, who have a vested interest in making TT work for the troop, are having to spend hours figuring it out, then our parents, who do not have a vested interest, will not bother to take the time to figure it out for themselves. I created a “cheat sheet” for my troop to explain how to perform some of the basic functionality we need in our troop (updating badge requirements, adding service hours, etc.), however I think the hurdle is still too high for our technophobe parents out there.

I think the Dashboard could be revamped to make it simpler for parents to use. For example, the information that is currently displayed under my name on my Dashboard is mostly irrelevant (money account - we don’t use that feature; my leadership status - changes once a year, and I can access it in my profile; training - updates every 2-3 years, and I can access it through my profile). That info clutters up the screen.

The information under my daughter’s name on my Dashboard is mostly irrelevant, too: money account (not used); the badge she earned last April that will never matter again; and her current leadership position - could be accessed through the profile.

My suggestion is to revamp the Dashboard so that parents are able to directly access the functionality that they use most.

Here are some thoughts about the functionality that would be most useful on the Dashboard (AHG parent’s perspective):

“Welcome to TT, Parent’s Name!” (with a link to the user’s profile)

Followed by a section for each daughter/ scout:

Daughter #1 (her name could be a link to her profile, or keep the profile link as is)

  • Badgework:
    1- A list of badges, patches, pins & awards that are marked as completed, but not yet awarded
    (Each badge in this list is clickable and takes you directly to the pop-up where you can view when each requirement was completed by the girl)
    2- A list of incomplete badges, patches, etc. (for her current rank?), that are not marked as completed and are not marked as awarded/ recognized/ purchased
    (Lists incomplete badges and their percentages; clickable, takes you to pop-up to update requirements for the specific badge)
    3- A prominent button that says “Start New Badge” (takes you to Profile > Achievements > Start Achievement button)

  • Upcoming meetings (lists the next 3 meetings on the girl’s calendar):
    1- Meeting 1 (clickable link to calendar)
    –Date and time of meeting
    –Location of meeting
    –Meeting contact name (clickable to email? pop-up window?)
    2- To the right of this information would be the Current RSVP Status (“None - Please Update RSVP Status” or “RSVP Not Needed”)
    –Next to the Current RSVP Status, a section headed “Change RSVP Status” with buttons for Yes, No and Maybe (one click updates the RSVP status)
    –Beneath Yes, No and Maybe, have a button “Advanced RSVP Details” where you could add siblings, etc. (links to Calendar > Event > Details & RSVP page)
    –We don’t use the money feature, but maybe you could add a money link here

Repeat info for next 2 meetings.

–Add prominent button “View Additional Meetings on Calendar” (takes you to the calendar for that girl)

  • Service Hours as of “Date” (add a button to change the “As of” Date, save this date for future logins)
    – “Number of Service Hours as of “Date”: X hours” (hours are clickable; sends to summary of service hours, both calendar events and individually updated service hours since the As of Date)
    –Next to that, a prominent button “Add Individual Service Hours” (takes you to Profile > Participation and Service > Add Service Hours button; autofill Event Type as Service Project)

  • Camping nights As of "Date" (and possibly canoeing hours, bicycling hours, etc.) (same “As of Date”? Or a different As of Date for each Service hours, camping, biking, hiking, etc.?)
    –# of Tent Nights as of “Date”: X (X is a clickable summary of tent nights for that girl, as of “Date”)
    –# of Cabin Nights as of “Date”: Y (Y is a clickable summary of cabin nights for that girl, as of “Date”)
    –Add a prominent button “Add Individual Tent Nights” (takes you to Profile > Participation and Service > Add Service Hours button; autofill Event Type as Campout - where do you specify tent vs. cabin?)
    –Add a prominent button “Add Individual Cabin Nights” (ditto)

(I wonder if you could include service hours, camping nights, etc., under a section called “Participation Summary.”)

Sorry for how lengthy this is. I think that making changes to the user interface on the Dashboard to simplify the parents’ interactions with TT will increase their participation.



I really like to see posts like this, so thanks for taking the time to write it out.

UI design is hard, and it becomes worse over time because the developers become overly comfortable with “how things have always been”, and eventually they feel like their design is intuitive because they’ve memorized it. They know that widget X is over here, and widget Y is two deep on that dropdown menu, so when people say “oh your UI is not intuitive”, they think “Wrong - I know where everything is!” They forget that they no longer have that “new user” perspective.

An easy to use, feature-complete product generates sales. It’s important to solicit feedback from users for that exact reason. I’m against aggressive popups that interrupt workflow, but I’ve seen some passive “feedback widgets” that are simply a tab on the side of the screen. When clicked, they expand to show an intuitive feedback screen so users can provide suggestions, report bugs, ask for support, and more. I like those because they don’t get in the way but are still readily available.

It’s also easy to prematurely start making sweeping changes based on small amounts of feedback. That’s very disruptive; I think TroopTrack would have to have more of a formal “beta test” program to make that work. I wish TroopTrack solicited feedback like this on a regular basis. I use the Cub Scout UI and I agree, it’s a bit clunky. I would be happy to provide feedback as well.

This post is not a dig on TroopTrack though. UI design is difficult for most companies. Hopefully they also agree there’s room for improvement, and create a plan to improve things.


Hi @mwestcott,

Thank you for writing this out and yes we are going to look further into this request as part of our ongoing efforts to improve TroopTrack, but I wanted to make sure you were aware of another feature here.

Under Manage > Settings > Edit Troop Settings, Webmaster Tools tab, you can check the feature “Redirect all members to your root private web page when they first log in?”. Since you have a cheat sheet, I would put it on your private web page and whenever someone logs in, they will go straight to that page and immediately have instructions on what they can/should do.

Just something I hope might help in the meantime.


Thanks for the suggestion - I have looked into the Private Home Page feature, but I am not sure it will be any less overwhelming for the parents to see my cheat sheet than to see the default Dashboard, so I am not going to use it at this time.

This is my latest attempt to simplify the data entry that we are asking of all parents:

I feel it is too wordy and requires lots of steps (to a newbie) that might be confusing. If anyone can suggest a way to be more concise, please let me know!

Note there are “Bug Alerts” in this document so that parents will know where to expect difficulties. If you know of workarounds that I can include to get at the information we need, please let me know. I would like this to be accurate.


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Here is an idea… How about the TT team create 3-4 simplified dashboards (e.g., ForScouts, ForParents, ForLeaders, Basic, etc.) and then allow managers to redirect people by selecting the dashboard we choose for them in their profile screen. This would also allow the user to change their dashboard. Sounds like an easy fix to me. Thanks.


Thanks for the link. I’ve not done something like this yet, and may need to “borrow” your effort, at least for ideas of what to put out there and how to display it.

I agree, the UI could be cleaner and more intuitive. Any application needs to be so intuitive and easy to understand that it doesn’t require special training or hours of clicking around to “see what this button does…” etc. Especially for the core functions the user should be hitting most!

Hi @mlsully2002,

Can you tell me if there are any plans to redesign or simplify the user interface? Does it have a ticket number?

A couple of AHG leaders and I will be leading an in-person TT training session for ~50 leaders, ~30 of whom are brand new to AHG, and the other ~20 who are familiar with AHG, but not very experienced with TT.

We will have two sessions: one for leaders, and one for parents.

Any chance of a simplified dashboard before 8/2?


No, this will not be done by then. This is considered a low-priority issue right now. You have the ability in your settings to redirect all users to your private pages and only list instructions that you’d like them to have. (Manage > Settings > Edit Troop Settings > Webmaster tools)

Right now we’re fixing bugs, adding very popular features, and preparing to switch to a new infrastructure. With this will likely come enhancements to the dashboard so we won’t be making any to the current one until then.