Leadership Management

It would be very handy to have a Leadership view under the Manage tab. This could allow you to easily add and remove adult and youth leaders based on positions without having to go into each member account. It could be a row that has Position | Name | Start | End | Complete (youth leaders that met requirements). When a roll is ended it goes to a “Past Leader” list and can have reports ran against both past and active leaders.

It would also make it easy to see who in a unit is a current leader. Maybe even have that place a feed on the dashboard, so anyone can see who the active leaders are.

Such as SM, ASM’s, SPL, ASPL, PL/APL by Patrol, QM, Sribe, committee members and so on. Similar for Packs. CM, ACM’s, DL by Dens, committee members


Hi @watarzp655,

This additional leadership functionality is a great idea. I think a menu item for leadership is justified. I am sending this over to our technical team to gauge the size/time of the idea.

Thank you.

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