RSVP responses

Here is a suggestion. If you could add a button for people to RSVP when the reminder goes out or some other way to email those who have not responded with a new link to the RSVP that would be great. Most of my emails I receive are people who say that can’t figure out the RSVP system. I think you have to gear it as if people have never used a computer before.


Especially relating to RSVP from a phone

+1 – we are constantly having to build a list of names of scouts who have not yet RSVPed to an event. A button on the Event Page (right at the top next to “nnn Awaiting Response”) that opens a new email with all those names on the “To:” list.

You’d all probably be interested in “heart’ing” the top post on this “new idea” thread:

Please do vote, that’s how the ideas are prioritized by our developers.


vote yes to this. Does just liking the topic also vote?

Yes, clicking the “heart” icon is the vote.

The votes need to be done to the original post of the thread in the Ideas category. The link I supplied above.