RSVP Email Notifications

Continuing the discussion from Option To Be Notified of RSVPS:

I ran into a situation where this would be needed more than ever.

We registered for an event with council and were placed on a waiting list. The way waiting lists work, they let girls in one by one if there is a cancellation, not a whole troop. In the past to make it fair, I would look through my emails and register girls in the order of when they first RSVPd for the event. With this event I have no way of seeing who RSVPd first.

Also, it is tedious to log in and go through the calendar and look at every event (We plan a lot of events) to see if there are new RSVPs.

As stated in my original post, it would be great if this was optional as I’m sure some leaders do not want all of the emails. Please hit the “like” button if this is something your troop would find useful!

Also, having an option to have a reminder email sent for an RSVP deadline rather than having to make a separate event for the RSVP deadline would be great too!

Thank you!!