Running accounting reports

When both troop and member accounts are made, can accounting reports be run with choices of what type of data the accountant may want to see - i.e. types of payments, whose paid/not paid, etc.? I am not our accountant but we are considering allowing CC payments. Since we are considering this now, this is what our accountant has to say “I had looked at troop track last year to see if we wanted to use that as our main accounting system but decided not to because it was so cumbersome to manually enter not only the individual accounts, but then also each payment to, and each debit from, each account. I would still also have had to maintain my existing income and expense spreadsheet in Excel for end of year reporting, so I would have more than doubled my work”.
Extra work is not what we are wanting. We are wanting to use TT, how can TT make the Money stuff simpler and more efficient?

I guess no one knows anything about this???

We switched to doing our accounting solely in TT last year (our old system crashed). Its bulky but it works. Having a white paper on how the TT people think the accounting should be done would be helpful. I seem to find myself swimming a bit upstream with how the system works. But the huge benefit is that each person can see what is in their account and the transactions without bugging the treasurer.

Yes cpdyer, the TT accounting functionality is quite cumbersome actually. We are really looking at accepting CCs in our troop, but because of the upstream swimming we are not sure it is worth the extra hassle. Besides, since TT charges an extra per transaction fee for the benefit of using a CC, one would think the functionality for it’s accounting would be better. :frowning: