Scoutbook Features

With BSA going to ScoutBook our troop is pushing that we go with them as well. I am pushing back but there are a couple options that ScoutBook has that TroopTrack doesn’t. Namely, the ability for parents to log advancements then have a leader go behind them and approve it (after asking the scout about the requirement). I am not a fan of parents logging achievements, but this is the way BSA (via ScoutBook) is going.

Is there a plan to create privileges for parents to sign off achievements with approval given by registered leaders?

That feature is all ready available, see below. You mentioned other things that SB has that TT does not, what else is there?

Auto Sync. The current process of creating an AI2.0 report, downloading it, uploading it to SB is tedious for the advancement chair.

That one is not something that TT has any control over, that is how BSA setup the IA2.0 system to accept imports from other systems. We were lucky to get this feature, BSA was not originally planning to allow updates from outside systems but due to feedback from Unit leadership they added in the option for uploads.

When BSA purchased SB and made it free I checked it out, keeping with the Thrifty part of the Scout Law, however I found it to be lacking many features that TT had, or even features they did have were more cumbersome. Creating recurring events requiring using Chrome with an extension some leader created, I remember testing the RSVP options and felt the TT RSVP was implemented better. The financial piece is not as easy to use in my opinion. There was no option of Sign Up Sheets. At the time we were still on IA1.0, ScoutNet, which was just click a button automatic, even when IA2.0 came out and it was download a text file and upload, I still didn’t see that one item as enough to change over to SB over the other features of TT even at $99 a year.