Custom Report Filter

I need the ability to add a filter to a custom report.

I created a custom report to list birthdays of scouts to be recognized at pack meetings. Unfortunately, adults appear and scouts without birthdays appear. It would be nice to add a filter like: scout = true and birthday is not null.


Hi @jtaylor78,

Thank you for the suggestion! Let’s get a little more feedback from the community.


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It would be very helpful if we could sort or filter any column in a custom report. It would add a lot of utility.


I support global sorting by any list header.

It would be nice to be able to have a little more flexibility/options in creating reports.

As the registrar, I need to report to the committee each month how many new Scouts we have since the last report. My only option to retrieve that is pulling a Member Details Report, which gives me WAY too much info. It would be nice to take that and select what I need. Even if I can’t get filter the report, at least limiting what columns appear would help.

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Just started building a custom pack roster and I also think filtering and sorting would be a great addition. Also the ability to export the results easily into CSV would be useful. Right now its very raw and a lot of cut and paste …

I would like to be able to sort out just Scouts and not show adults if they are not needed when I print out a roster by Den or for other times when the adults are generally not needed on the report.

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I have been asking for the ability to filter custom reports ever since I joined TT. I support this request 100% and hope the fix will come soon.


Is there a way to filter out adults yet? I just want the birthdays of the girls in my troop, not their parents!

I don’t believe this was ever implemented. It would be great to have more options with custom reports. What I typically do is export as CSV then sort the file by the Scout column and delete all of the adults, then sort by Birthday. Not as nice as being able to do it right in TT but sometimes we just need the info. Especially for reports I only need a couple times a year this works.

Thanks for responding! I did end up exporting and sorting and deleting. -Monica