Send text messages to your mailing lists (07/06/2015)

This morning I released a new feature that allows you to send text messages to any of your mailing lists. You will now see two new options under the Communicate Badge: Text Message Settings and Send a Text Message.

Before you send any text messages, you'll want to use the Text Message Settings page to make sure your cell phone information is correct. Without the cell carrier info, we won't be able to deliver text messages to your members.

It's important to note that immediate delivery of text messages sent this way is not guaranteed by TroopTrack or by the cell phone carriers. That's because this service (like all free text services) rely on email for delivery to the carrier, and email deliver is not guaranteed to be immediate. Email delivery is generally very fast, but occasionally there are hiccups that can cause email delivery to be delayed for hours or, even more rarely, days.

Eventually the TroopTrack mobile app (currently in BETA) will support push notifications which will not rely on email and will be virtually instantaneous. In the meantime, we really hope you find the text messaging service useful.

I am not seeing this feature in my Troop Track. I want to have the ability to create/edit mailing groups for both texting an email. When I go to send a text message, I see all the different groups. How do I know which user is assigned to the different groups? If I want to create a list to send a text to all the board members, how would I go about this? What if I need to send a custom text to just a few but not necessary to all within the list.

  1. In order to see what users are in each group you would need to go to Communicate --> Custom Mailing Lists, or Communicate --> Magic Mailing Lists. Then select Details next to the group you would like to see the members of.
  2. To create groups you go to Communicate --> Custom Mailing Lists and select New Mailing List.
  3. There is no option to pick individuals for a text so you would need to create a group for any set you want to send to.

This all assumes you have full access to all TT features for your group.

Hi Dave. Is there a way to text message only the participants who RSVP “yes” to an event? We currently see only the option to text message using the magic mailing list. Our youth WebMaster is asking how he can send text messages for updates to only the participants who RSVP yes for events.

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That’s a great idea @JenniLuu. I’ve added it to our to-do list.