Text message replies

When sending a text message from TroopTrack, I would suggest changing the system to allow the recipients to reply. Right now, the text message comes from "noreply@trooptrack.com" and replies go nowhere. If the sender has a cell phone number & carrier in TT, use that for the reply. If a cell phone number is not in TT, use the sender’s email address for replies. Each recipient should just reply to the sender, not in a group text. (Please, NO group text!)


I would prefer to have replied routed to the sender’s email. But I like the idea of allowing replies, or at least including a line in the messages that are sent out instructing recipients not to reply directly and providing instructions to do so.

I would like an option for a group text. One of the things we do for events like a camping trip that requires a caravan is to set up a group text so everyone can keep in contact while on the road. Being able to do this from inside TT would be quite useful.

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At the risk of confusing this issue…I’d like to see an option to RSVP via text. I’ve been asked about this by scouts. Keep in mind, today’s scouts have never lived in a world without smart phones. Email feels klunky to them. Being able to send a short text “Are you going on trip X, text 0 for no, 1 for yes, 2 for maybe” would almost certainly bump up my RSVP rate. But that would mean it would be more complicated than either group text or reply-to-sender text. But I wanted it out there since it might affect the design of text replies even if it’s not the first thing you do there.

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We need some kind of text one on one- group text options. Looking at adding REMIND app and CLUSTER app (for photo sharing) to fill the gap in Troop Track. Once we start using those we will not be utilizing Troop Track.