Sending email attachments

So when sending an email attachment, the actual email doesn’t contain an attachment, but rather a link to a download for the attachment.

My question is this: How long does that link live? If I send my troop an attachment, does that link live forever? If I’m sending an attachment containing sensitive information, it makes me uncomfortable that the attachment is left sitting on some download page.

Why doesn’t TroopTrack actually send email attachments?

How long do these “links” live for?


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They definitely die, our troop has been burned before with attachments that went dead when there was a still a need to reference them. I’d be interested in knowing the longevity of the links as well.

Many browsers will simply drop or block regular attachments due to unfamiliarity or size. This is why we use links.

I think I’ve seen these links expire before, too, but Dave said they aren’t supposed to so I’m doing some investigating on that one. I’ll let you know what I find.

Can you explain further? Are you saying that some people that use “on-line” email services are having a bad experience with attachments? Seems like you are penalizing people with regular email systems for the few that use crappy web-based mail systems that don’t properly handle something as basic as an attachment.

Is there a way to opt-out of having the TroopTrack email system using “links” for attachments?

We don’t want our troop documents “stuck” in the cloud forever…


I’m afraid I cannot further elaborate, but I know no one is being punished. It’s simply the most efficient way of handling it. Right now there is not a way to opt out of it.

I’m told that we used to do regular attachments but we had a lot of delivery problems and when we switched to this method, we were hailed with thanks from TONS of people.

You’re the first person to complain about this since we made the change four years ago, but if it gets a lot of support here in the community, we can surely consider the change.

It is efficient to store our email attachments forever?

I don’t think people understand that you are keeping parts of their emails on a server after the emails are delivered.