Sending RSVP Notices for Events

Most of our paid events we are collecting RSVPs several weeks in advance and finalizing at least a week out. In the event screen I can only see to send out the RSVP as early as 7 days in advance with 1 reminder.

What if we want to send it earlier?

Also what if we want to follow up with families who have not responded and send them a reminder with the RSVP link in the email?

I can’t find any way to do either of those actions.


Here’s a workaround -

copy the URL to the event.

GO to the details of the event, click Email Invitees - send an email to everyone who hasn’t RSVP’d, paste in the URL to the event so they can complete their RSVPs and payments.

Do they have to log in to do that? Our families do not regularly log in. I want them to be able to do the quick RSVP option that is in the reminder.


I understand.

I don’t see how else they can.

Sounds like you’ll be making a post in the feature request boards. I’m sorry my suggestion didn’t help.

Good suggestion but doesn’t work well with how we manage our pack. We are looking for as simple a payment solution as possible Unfortunately there are a lot of good things with it being integrated into the system and the payment process itself is easy - but not being able to have flexibility to send and communicate RSVP invites with flexibility is probably a deal breaker.

I’ll move this to feature requests to get some visibility

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