RSVP from the Event Invitation! :D

You can now RSVP straight from the event invitation emails! This has been one of the most-requested features for a while, and we’re excited that it’s finally arrived. :smile:

From now on, each event invitation email will include one link to view the event and several other links to RSVP to the event. And coolest of all: none of those links require you to login! Even users without a username and password can RSVP to events straight from the email. :calendar:

The links use a special token that only gives access to viewing the event and RSVP’ing to the event. The token doesn’t give access to other actions like editing the event or viewing user information. To do anything besides view the event and RSVP you’ll need to log in. :key:

When you click on one of the RSVP links we record your RSVP choice and show you the event details. This way you can confirm that the RSVP was saved. Also, if you need to RSVP for several other people you can do it all on one page. :100:

Also, we updated the RSVP box. You can now select the RSVP option right on the event details page. It’s a lot easier to RSVP for multiple people this way!

However, most of these shiny new features don’t apply to events with fees. For events with fees, you can still view the event details without logging in, but in order to RSVP and pay the fee you’ll need to log in. A future update may make it possible to pay event fees without logging in. We’d love to hear feedback on that possibility.


100% behind the ability to pay for events without logging in.


Oh HAPPY DANCE!!! To be able to do RSVP’s like this for my family is HUGE!! Especially considering my husband and I are both very active in our troop with all 5 of our girls!!

One question though, I clicked on the link through my phone. It wouldn’t mark the daughter I had clicked as going. I had to log in on my phone and do it manually. Is this a feature that only works on your desktop browser and not on mobile browsers? Or is it maybe in my settings on my phone. Since I have the privacy very strict on my phone, anything that has a log in, I have to log in every single time I use it on my Safari.

Either way, I’m on my computer enough, that this feature makes my life simpler!


Now… small question… can those RSVP links be embedded in the emails that are sent from events using the “EMAIL INVITEES” function?


And… my very first response from a family member… “I still had to logon” :sob:


I clicked the “RSVP” link.

@Spencer is there anyway to put the Quick RSVP links ABOVE the old-fashioned RSVP link?

Hey @njmike, the old RSVP link also uses a token now, so you shouldn’t need to login to if you use that link. Could you email me the name of your family member who had to logon, and forward me their event invitation?

I just received an invite to an upcoming event, this is a no rsvp required event, but has the going/not going in the email invite.

Thanks for the feedback, @Keneu!

FWIW, convoluted situation where I did get the “login required” screen.
Created calendar event and put husband and son on invited list; I was NOT invited. Because I use husband’s account for testing “does this work? does THIS work” etc., I have my email under his member info (i.e. same email as under my member info.) As expected, I received an email - but oddly the salutation was also addressed to me when I expected it to be addressed to him as he (not I) was on the invitee list. I.e. it reads: “Dear My Name, Husband Name and Scout Name have been invited…” However when trying to RSVP to this invite via phone, I got “You must be logged in to access this page”. (RSVPing via son’s phone worked just fine.)

Thank you for the detail @mijven! I’ll look into this situation.

So… what’s the likelihood that sign-up sheets will get this functionality? (By which I mean, not having to log in.)


Good suggestion! I’ll add it to our list. :slight_smile:

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Great update! For most of our events that require an RSVP, we have fees and most of our parents have requested to be able to pay for all attendees at once rather than individually. We would love to see that ability!


This is a great feature, thank you! A possible improvement would be to add “Possibly Going” as an option to the e-mail RSVP.