Signature File for TT emails?

Is there a way to create a signature file for TT emails? I’m really looking for away to include the links to our Facebook page and external website that doesn’t involve storing them in a separate document to be cut and pasted every time we send an email.

We provide the links to all new families and they get mentioned frequently but having them as clickable links in every email seems like the best and easiest way to make the available.



Not at this time. Feel free to change this from a question to an idea so we can get more feedback and consider it as a feature.

If this were just for the newsletter you could create an announcement and include it there, but we don’t have a solution for other types of emails yet.


Thanks for the quick reply. I switched it to an idea.

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I would also really like to see this= a default email signature for the web email.

Also, the ability to remove the Trooptrack Facebook and Product updates, etc links in the footer would be appreciated.

Since I use TT almost exclusively to email the troop, these would be well-used features.


This would be an great addition to TroopTrack.

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Agreed. The existing TroopTrack footer creates a lot of confusion for our users.