Opt Out of TroopTrack Disclaimer Blurbs at bottom of WebPages

As I visit the troop web page, (particularly noticeable in the mobile web version) is a block of TroopTrack disclaimer information and self-promotion links to Facebook and Twitter. It would be nice to opt-out of seeing that every time or simply tucking it neatly into a ‘Disclaimer’ link just like the ‘Terms of Service’. Also, a large chunk of space is used at the bottom of all the Magic Emails to promote TroopTrack … mostly to those who have already committed to use this great software…

The current promotional Social Media links can be confusing to the ‘sometimes’ user who would be more interested in finding relevant links to their own organization.


I agree, removing the extra stuff will help us to direct our users to the stuff we NEED them to read. :grinning:


Second/third the idea. Likewise on the footers of group emails sent through the site. Our own signature/footer would be nice.


+1 – we’d like the emails to be clean of any distractions.
+2 for a having a footer that we can provide our own troop specific links etc.


Completely agree! We are about to deploy TroopTrack and this was a major feedback point I received from leaders and parents during a review of the new site. The social links at the bottom are confusing since they do not link to OUR OWN social pages.

Further, the content of OUR OWN pages is not copyright TroopTrack and we need this misleading notice removed. Copyright of the underlying code must be placed in the code itself. I will open a support request, but I hope a template option “use custom footer” can be implemented soon.

Yes, please the social media links are confusing and the disclaimers at the bottom of the emails would be nice to opt out of as well.

I will add the app logos at the bottom of every page on the mobile site. I have probably had 10 parents ask me if they have to buy the app. I understand that TT wants leaders to know about the app, but it shouldn’t show for everyone.

This is becoming more of an issue for us. We’re starting to populate our TroopTrack instance and we are finding TroopTrack injects their own advertising and links throughout account setup, password reset, newsletter, webpages, and other communications.

I can understand doing this for a free program, but we paid for TroopTrack and don’t want their advertising all over the place and certainly don’t want to be directing parents to TroopTrack for “contact us” and “friend on Facebook” links. Very disappointed in this…

@dave - can we get this on your team’s radar, please?